Finstere Arien in finsteren Zeiten

  • Movement and Emotion

    Close-Up Shots

  • Action

    Wide-Angle Shots

About the Project

They are cut off from the outside world, the mobile phone network is dead, and outdoors is raging ... something. They try to cover up the emerging panic with speech and thought games, jokes and reproaches, profundity and nonsense. In the corner stands a dusty record player.

For Junges Haus Theater Basel I produced the film of their play «Finstere Arien in Finsteren Zeiten». The play was recorded with several cameras to capture the entire plot and get very close to the action.


  • Recording Multiple Camera-Angles
  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mastering


Mischa Meier

Theater Basel Audio Engineers


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